Project nr: POIR.03.04.00-14-0275/20-00

„Grant of floating capital for MAXI-PLAST Zbigniew Zasikowski”
Operational Program Program Operacyjny Inteligentny Rozwój
Priority 3 Wsparcie innowacji w przedsiębiorstwach
Number and name of the Operational Program 3.4 Dotacje na kapitał obrotowy
Registry number POIR.03.04.00-IP.03-00-001/20

Primary objective of the program is to support entrepreneurs in providing liquidity and support the current activities in connection with financial difficulties, which occurred at the company as a result of the pandemic COVID-19. Financial assistance was granted on the basis of the program nr SA.57015 (2020/N)

Total value of project: 129.862,23 PLN

Amount of expenses: 129.862,23 PLN

Grant amount: 129.862,23 PLN