About us

The Maxi Plast corporation takes up processing of plastic materials. For many years it specializes in brushes production, attaching importance about uppermost standard and quality its products. The mark of the firm is constant growth and guests for latest and latest realizations of produce and technology, adapted to European and worldly standards. The corporation was founded on November, 10th, 1981 year, its orginator and founder is Zbigniew Zasikowski, a man with extraordinary initiative, ingeniousness and indefatigable stratums of energy, being able to transfer potential one’s own possibilities on the firm was formed through him. In fact, acquirements the owner’s, not large business on handicraft profile has transferred into extraordinarily modern and extension corporation which produces articles on a nation-wide scale and foreign outlet. From the beginning of the existing with success has invested in the firm and later also in modern technologies, making its one’s aim to offer produce of the highest quality.
In the corporation’s history are noticed two periods of its growth. First, happening to the period of Polish People’s Republic, has characterized to conquer experience on the field of production, leading in the most inconspicuous terms, with small produce and technological subsidiaries. Outlet has delimited to native customers. After 1989 has followed turning-point in the direction of opening for possibilities of technology, experiences with foreign producers and contracting partners, up to here unparalleled in Poland. The consequence of this fact was start-up of export trade in 2000. Since this moment has begun the production on a wide scale. Sudden growth of sale possibilities has forced necessity to enlarge capacities of corporation. On the day of the entry Poland to the European Union on May, 1st, 2004 year was opened the modern hall. Whole utilization a new infrastructure was accelerated the next phase of speedy growth of the corporation. Started to invest for advanced technologies, which was permitted to offer customers new possibilities such as these: changed and also modern aesthetic appearance of products. In 2005 was bought and started first, very modern injection moulding machines two-component part. Selected technology was taken to create produce of the highest quality, which in the connect with employed universally on the world principles of ergonomics have increased to still greater growth of the sale. The triumph of the corporation beyond ultramodern technologies dissolutions is also pro-ecological activity, which is inseparably connected with used technology. The company cares not only about a good quality of generated products but also about the environment, which its surround. The whole productive process is done in the way in order that made production didn’t have the negative influence on the natural environment. The productive process is extraordinarily economic, considering a notice accompanying him consumption of energy. All this, with the connecting with perfectly organized distribution embracing polish and foreign markets, consolidates the position and meaning of the corporation.
Today products of Maxi Plast hid to the polish distributors, they are exported to the Western and Eastern Europe, North America and also Asia. Almost importance in the productive process of brushes is selection of adequate material, which effectives a lot of stability. The materials from which they are made characterize elasticity and the highest standard (for example they have persistent and also elastic bristle). Moreover, they are comfortable and excessively aesthetic – the scale of the offered products unites within riches of shapes and colours, adapted to needs and tastes of customers. Among of them there are find traditional designs and about decidedly vanguard features, interlining into obliged trends of using and industrial design. The firm offers a broad scale of brushes appropriated for home using, also for needs of trade. Among of them there are find car brushes, brushes to the kitchen use and brushes to clean furniture, bath brushes and appropriated to clean texture, carpet also floor, brushes used to cultivation of rough and smooth surfaces. Summarizing, the priority of the Maxi Plast corporation is indulgence of the customers' needs and their satisfaction. In order to satisfy tastes of customers company puts lots of work at every stage of the produce, beginning from the choice of the best material, and ending on the appropriates colour scheme, size and shape selection of offered articles.